Surveillance is a specialized investigative technique administered to covertly secure information about an individual's or group of individuals' activities relevant to some type of dispute or proceeding.

The information obtained and the photographic and videotape evidence secured through surveillance are tools that can be used by private individuals, attorneys, businesses, law enforcement and others to answer specific questions and enable them to plot a sensible strategy in an effort to bring their case or concern to a conclusion.

National Investigations, Inc.’s private investigators have decades of surveillance experience, covertly capturing activities of individuals throughout the United States. Our private investigators use state of the art technology when necessary to capture the most reliable and valuable evidence.

National Investigations, Inc. offers a full array of surveillance services including single and multiple operative surveillance, stationary and mobile surveillance, unmanned surveillance, and essential pre-surveillance due diligence.
As long-time private investigators, National Investigations, Inc.’s surveillance investigators are well versed in the judicial process, and are prepared and equipped to provide professional post-surveillance forensic testimony in court.