Evidentiary Photography

Photography records a moment in time.  Nothing is more crucial than time when trying to preserve evidence.

It is most important that transient evidence be recorded in a precise manner in order that photographs of the same or similar objects may be accurately compared with photographs that may have been taken weeks, months, or years apart.

Even objects that do not change and are held in storage may be discarded after some defined period of time.  The only remaining records may be photographs.  Photographic documentation becomes even more crucial if the evidence is transient.  Transient evidence only exists for a short period of time.


Nanny / Sitter Background Check

Did you know that 10% of background checks performed on childcare providers turn up something alarming?  Things such as shoplifting, drunk driving, and drug abuse show up daily!

Childcare providers often have access to  your home, know your family’s secrets, and are guardians of your most important assets – YOUR KIDS.

Find out if your child’s NANNY, BABYSITTER, TUTOR, etc. has a past that puts your child at risk!

Our Nanny/Sitter Background Check will access multiple data sources and billions of records to make sure your child is in trustworthy hands.  (Individual must be over the age of 18.)


Voice Stress Analysis and Polygraph

Our examiners are former law enforcement officers with extensive experience in interview / interrogation, statement taking, and court testimony in support of admissions / confessions elicited.  Our polygraph examiners can conduct tests for specific issues, as well as aggressively integrate them into investigations to narrow down possible suspects. Polygraph and VSA examinations are videotaped in a professional environment.  Our examiners are also available to conduct Equivocal Chart Analysis of other polygraph and/or VSA results / reports.  


Process Service

We have what it takes to get your document delivered properly and promptly.  We work hand in hand with our clients to assure quick delivery. We specialize in using our locating skills in the process of services. Give us your hard cases, and let us work for you, to successfully serve hard-to-reach witnesses or defendants. We will make several attempts at different times and days to serve your process service papers. For companies which often use a process service, we offer a convenient retainer service.


White Collar Crimes

National Investigations, Inc. assists attorneys with their corporate investigations and white collar defense practice. National Investigations, Inc. offers the depth of experience and skills needed to meet the clients' ever-changing criminal defense and corporate investigations needs. Many of the investigators in this area bring decades of experience as former federal investigators, prosecutors and regulatory investigators. National Investigations, Inc. have worked on hundreds of white collar criminal cases and have experience  in effectively assisting attorneys in federal and state grand jury investigations, State’s Attorney general investigations, regulatory enforcement proceedings, and civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings.


Skip Tracing and Locates

Our Skip Trace service is used primarily by law firms, banks, creditors, bond and insurance companies; but it is available for anyone who needs to find someone-or many people-for any legitimate reason. Locate hard to fiind missing persons, deadbeats, bond jumpers, debtors, and other skips. We use the most comprehensive sources of data available to locate even the most elusive skips.  We have access to virtually every means possible to locate anybody, anywhere in the United States.


Stalking and Harassment Investigations

Domestic violence is about control, power and domination.  While stalking may be perpetrated by strangers, acquaintances, or current, or former intimate partners, stalking is most often committed against women in domestic violence contexts.  Our agency takes these threats to your safety and peace-of-mind seriously.