National Investigations, Inc. is the largest residency investigations firm in Illinois.  We service over fifty (50) school districts and have the investigators highly trained to be able to accommodate our districts.

We have three specific residency programs which we use to try to provide  a variety of programs for schools of all sizes who have limited budgets and who want to use the taxpayer’s dollars to get the most “bang” for their “buck.”  Our firm is the only one who does door knocks or surveillance of students in increments of a quarter of an hour at a time.  We only charge your school for the time we put in, not an hourly rate, regardless of how much time is actually spent, as other residency programs do. 

We work with the schools to give each school specialized service, adjusting our schedule to meet their needs.  That is why we have so many repeat customers of our school districts.  Word of mouth has helped this facet of our firm grow to gigantic proportions in comparison to other firms doing similar work.  We do not want to see schools overcrowded with students who do not legally belong in a district taking up time, space, money, and overcrowding already crowded classrooms with students who do not live in the school districts we are serving.  We know the benefits of reducing class size and  keeping strict accountability to the taxpayers by not overcharging for our services. We also believe in being available on very short notice to do either door knocks to check on students or do surveillance of homes and apartments, if necessary, to find out where students actually live, not where the parent or guardian says they live.

There is also a definite public relations benefit to the school districts who use National Investigations, Inc.  Those schools get a reputation for not accepting non-residents into their schools because of our diligent database search done before registration to check  and flag possible non-residents before they even register.  We have various programs, some which have our staff helping out at registration. It is truly amazing at how effective that has been in cutting down on non-resident registrations!


Residency Investigation Request Form [PDF]

Print, Fill-in, and FAX your copy to
National Investigations

These are some of the qualities of National Investigations, Inc. needed by all school districts:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Thoroughness
  • Experience
  • Communication
  • One-on-one contact


Please use our Residency Verification form to email us once you are signed up with our firm as one of our contracted schools.

If you have any questions about our Residency Program, please feel free to call 1-815-467-0074, or 1-800-798-5620, and we will send your school district a Residency Program Packet.  If you prefer, we can email it to you.